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Business challenges

  • Frequent business changes (business rules changes)
  • Regulatory changes
  • Increase in volume of services (i.e. integration of complementary services from partners)
  • The need to improve the level of service quality (speed, accuracy and consistency of information)
  • Speed of decision making based on reliable information
  • Business environment competitiveness

Data challenges

  • Provide right data (WHAT?)
  • To the right person (WHO?)
  • At the right time (WHEN?)
  • In the right way (HOW?)
  • At the right location (WHERE?)
  • For the required activities (WHY?)

Domains of erwin usage

Enterprise Architecture

Data architecture
Data governance
Data Warehouses (DW) and BI
Data Source integration and MDM
Data Quality
Agile application development

AD Consulting provides users with basic and advanced training, full help support for the usage of erwin and consultancy services for all domains of erwin usage.

erwin Data Modelererwin Web Portalerwin Web Portal Data Governance Editionerwin Safyr – for ERP
erwin Standard Edition
erwin Navigator Edition
erwin Workgroup Edition
erwin for MS SQL Azure
Benefits of Web Portal:
  • Establishing trust in information (as users have a detailed overview of sources of data for data warehouse and business reports).
  • Audit on sensitive data collection (where and how sensitive data is collected).
  • Support for agile application development
  • Enabling business analyst to use metadata to find out where to get information and what information can be obtained
Some characteristics of Web Portal:
  • Visualization with the possibility of  drill-down to view the details of objects (definitions, comments, …)
  • Users can add comments to objects in the repository
  • Search in metadata using keywords
  • Links between metadata of different models (functionality of erwin Data Modeler Design Layer Architecture)

Erwin web portal

  • Mapping resources for data warehouse (erwin Data Modeler Source-To-Target mapping)Erwin web portal2

More about tool:

Benefits of Web Portal Data Governance Edition:
  • Easier communication and a higher level of understanding among experts in various business areas using Business Glossary.
  • Integration of “closed” applications into Business Glossary.
  • Management of the life cycle of data and information
    • when the data is collected,
    • how long data is stored,
    • what we do after the expiry date,
    • reuse of data, if needed.
  • Easier integration of data from multiple sources …
Some characteristics of Web Portal Data Governance Edition (in addition to the full functionality of a Web Portal):
  • Business Glossary
  • Semantic mapping
  • Data mapping
  • Data documenting
  • Including of metadata from data servers
    • Directly from relational databases
    • Directly from the Big Data Hadoop distributions
  • Including of models from third party modeling tools

Derived ERwin Models

More about tool:

  • Safyr connects to one of the following ERP solutions:
    • SAP ERP
    • JD Edwards
    • PeopleSoft
    • Seibel
    • Oracle (EBS)
    • Sales Force
  • Identifies metadata of the structure of the database including the relationships between tables

Erwin Safyr Model

  • The result of reverse engineering in the model using Safyr => full E/R representation of database

Erwin Safyr Baza Podatkov


  • #1 Global Market Share Leader in Data Modeling Tools, according to IDC
  • erwin Again Named “Best Data Modeling Solution” by Database Trends and Applications Magazine
  • #1 Most-Used Data Modeling Tool among data professionals, according to a recent DATAVERSITY survey.
  • “erwin Data Modeler should be evaluated by any company that is about to embark on a major application development initiative or an application portfolio overhaul” according to Ovum