Services and solutions

Today, more then ever before, companies and organizations are searching for always new business models and solutions which could enable them appropriate competitive response to the challenges in their environments.

In that search, there is no doubt, that ICT, as a support of modern business systems, has a really specific place.

However, only technological aspects, of even the highest quality and most expensive technologies is not enough to enable effective support to business processes.

Only then, when technologies are appropriately included in business processes, when data sources are consolidated and appropriate surveillance from the business side is established, could ICT become one of the crucial factors for business successes.

It could be even much more – it could be a key factor for establishment of competitive advantages or it could be even a trigger for development of new business processes which are fully based on ICT.

We conceived our offer of Services and Solutions on these very needs of companies and organizations. Our experiences and in-depth knowledge of methodologies which are aimed to answer to a challenge – how to enable ICT to become a key factor for raising competitive advantages – are warranty for the quality of our Services and Solutions.

ServicesSolutionsCA PPM (Clarity)


Consultancy and support for

  • Optimization of processes for managing portfolios of projects, new products, services, applications, processes, applications….
  • Development and implementation of DW/BI (Business Intelligence) solutions
  • Design and governance of EA (Enterprise Architecture)
  • Design and governance of data information architecture
  • Business Systems Modeling
  • CA 2E, CA Plex, CA Websydian projects
  • Planning, design, building and integration of ICT solutions

Courses and workshops

Our offer includes courses and workshops for business modeling and development of service oriented IT solutions (for business professionals as well as for IT specialists):

  • Basics of Business Modelling
  • CA PPM courses
  • ERwin courses
  • From strategic information to logical data models
  • Business Process Modeling
  • CA 2E, CA Plex, CA Websydian


Solutions, which we are offering in cooperation with our partners, are developed using modern approaches, methodologies and tools. Our solutions have flexible design for adaption to the changing demands of various users. Architectures of our solutions are open to easy amendments and integrations with other solutions.

Multiple accounting sources warehouse

Includes reports generator for management of accounting data from one or more different analytical sources with could even have completely different analytical charts of accounts. It is aimed to any type of industries, from financial institutions (like banks or insurance companies), to corporations as well as  to non-profit organizations or institutions.

Car Dealer Package (CDP)

CDP is a solution for complete business support for car dealers and car repair shops. Solution is developed by a well-known Austrian software solution provider Vector, specialized in producing software solutions for automotive dealers.

CDP has a modern internet interface and easy to use while extremely powerful functionality. Solution can support large companies with multiple branches and a network of agents as well as the smallest dealers. The rich functionality and flexibility was a reason, that Renault Slovenia has chosen CDP as a single solution for the entire network of Renault dealers.


Parex is an innovative support for sale or purchase of spare parts, which represents “sleeping stock” or “dead stock” in car repair shops. Users who participate in the Parex network can sell and buy spare parts at prices acceptable to sellers as well as to buyers. The intuitive user interface allows quick and easy search for single or several replacement parts in a country or abroad.




CA PPM (Clarity)

CA PPM provides flexible team based work and decisions making, coordination and monitoring of business objectives. It enables transparent and ongoing monitoring of all PPM activities and guidance  of these activities in relation to business objectives.

CA PPM supports complete management of PPT processes “from general ideas to new projects, services, applications, products…) and powerful management of human, financial and other resources.